I didnt get many good pictures, but i got a great one of me and Rachel right when they were using the bright lights.

We’ve got a great view of these dudes’ asses.
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We’ve got a great view of these dudes’ asses.

The Vandals are playing right now, and they keep saying “this one’s called (song title) by the vandals” and I’m starting to think theyre not actually the vandals and are just some cover band

We’re at pier six for a concert! We drove here in a hearse.


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oh god

i’m thinking about it and i’m concerned that the release of the 50sog movie is going to bring about some, uh…peewee herman scenarios, if you know what i mean

so i’m looking at articles about the 50sog movie (because i love destroying my own sanity) and in one interview with the producer he says, and i quote the article, "What we’re kind of hearing from the fans is they want it dirty, they want it as close as possible [to the book]."

and, um, YEAH. it’s kind of a PORN NOVEL. do you think they want the character development?? do you think they’re interested in seeing the relationship between ana and her father?? of fucking course they want the movie to be a fuck fest, that’s what the entire book is.

Aoba: making my way downtown, walking fast
Virus and Trip: Aoba-san.
Aoba: walking faster!
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